Top 5

September 25th, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes a 1MW project in Texas for Younicos and LG Chem, a sales agreement between Powerstorm and Muni-Fed, the commissioning of a 1MW/2MWh LG Chem battery for Southern Company and EPRI, a $30 million successful round of investment for Enevate and the inauguration of Enel’s Catania facility in Sicily, which includes a 1MW/2MWh GE battery.

  1. Younicos and LG chem are to provide a 1MW turnkey battery system for a solar project in Texas from PV developer OCI Solar Power. The system is expected to come online early next year.
  1. « Powerstorm ESS announced that it has signed a sales agreement with Muni-Fed Energy. Under the two-year agreement Powerstorm will supply Muni-Fed with its Modular Energy Storage Solution for integration into Muni-Fed’s projects with its federal, municipal and commercial clients. »
  1. « A 1 MW/2 MWh battery energy system powered by LG Chem batteries has been commissioned by Southern Company and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) at a solar photovoltaic (PV) facility in the Southeastern region of the U.S. »
  1. « The lithium-ion battery maker for mobile applications Enevate has closed a $30 million round in extended Series B funding to scale production of its technology. Its lithium-ion battery design uses silicon-dominant composite anodes to increase the energy density over graphite anode cells by 25 to 50 percents.
  1. Enel Green Power inaugurated the GE Durathon 1MW/2MWh storage system in Catania, Sicily. It connects to an Enel Green Power 10MWp PV plant and will smooth out the difference between forecasted and actual output.

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