October 9th, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes a new energy solutions company by GE, Bonifiglioli launching grid-scale storage inverters in India, a successful round of investment for ESS, Enphase disclosing a price of 838$/kWh for its residential storage system in Australia and a paper recognizing the value of storage by UK’s regulator Ofgem.

Erratum: Due to an unforgivable copy/paste mistake, last week’s link to the article allegedly presenting a Harvard team’s new results on quinone-based batteries was actually referring to last year research. Here is the link to the correct article describing their latest updates on the topic.

Top 5

  1. « General Electric (GE) has announced Current, a new energy company that combines GE’s LED, solar, energy storage and electric vehicle businesses with its Predix platform to single out and provide cost-effective and efficient energy solutions to customers. »
  1. « The PV inverter firm Bonfiglioli has launched its new inverter series for utility-scale grid-connected energy storage systems in India, claiming there is strong future potential for on-grid and off-grid battery storage systems in the Indian market. The new inverter is available in the 250kW to 1,575kW range. »
  1. « Energy Storage Systems of Portland, Oregon just closed a series A round of $3.2 million led by Pangaea Ventures along with Element 8 and other angel investors, with the aim of commercializing its “all-iron” flow battery. »
  1. Enphase disclosed that based on volume purchases, the introductory prices to installers for its integrated storage system in Australia would be AU$1,150/kWh (US$838/kWh).
  1. Ofgem (office of gas and electricity markets), UK’s regulator, published a position paper recognizing the value of storage. « It will now seek to clarify the legal and commercial status of storage and identify any regulatory changes that may be required. »

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