October 16th, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes NEC ES’ partnerships with EoS and 24M, 24MW of storage inverters supplied by SMA for a frequency regulation project in South Korea, Green Charge Networks being ready to use its storage fleet on the market, a 2,4MWh project for Solar City in California and Johnson Controls’s early stage talks to buy EnerSys.


Foreword: Clean Horizon is proud to announce it is launching a new study on energy storage opportunities in the German utilities’ segment. In light of this report, we have just issued the 1st of a series of 3 informative white papers dedicated to the German energy storage market, which can be accessed here.

Top 5

  1. NEC Energy solutions announced two partnerships with EoS and 24M in order to develop fully integrated energy storage systems that would include EoS or 24M’s technologies.
  1. SMA has been contracted by the South Korean utility Kepco to supply battery inverters for a 24MW storage project aiming at providing reliable frequency regulation. Deliveries on this specific project are scheduled for November, and Kepco should issue RFP for new frequency regulation storage projects, each 200MW in size
  1. Green Charge Networks announced it has now 13.3MWh of energy storage capacity dispatched in 61 sites, and that it is now ready to use this fleet on the market to get additional revenue.  The first bids should take place into Pacific Gas & Electric’s Supply Side Pilot (SSP).
  1. SolarCity is installing 6MWp of solar and 2.4MWh of energy storage across 19 schools in Riverside County, California. The project required no upfront investment and is expected to save the district more than $520,000 within the first year of operation alone, and $35 million over 25 years.
  1. Johnson Controls Inc. is allegedly in early stage talks to buy battery maker EnerSys. With a market value of $2.7 billion last tuesday, a sale of EnerSys could value the company at well over $3 billion given a typical takeover premium.

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