October 23rd, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes the acquisition of Sakti3 by Dyson, the installation of a Primus Power storage system at an ICL facility in California, a 250kW/250kWh project in Bavaria, the upgrade of the Markersbach pumped-hydro facility in Germany by Alstom and the launch of a combined thermal storage plus PV product by ICE Energy.

Foreword: In the scope of our new market segment watch study focused on German municipal utilities, we are issuing a 3-chapter white paper decrypting the German energy storage market. The second chapter, a concise cutting-edge overview of large-scale and small-scale opportunities for energy storage in Germany is out and can be accessed here.

Top 5

  1. Dyson announced it was aquiring the battery manufacturer Sakti3 for $90million, and confirmed it will use Sakti3’s technology in cordless home robots and machines.
  1. ICL announced that it has deployed a bromine-based battery based on the Primus Power energy cell system in order to decrease its demand charge level at its fire retardant production site in Rancho Cucamonga, California.
  1. The 1,050MW Markersbach hydroelectric pumped storage facility in Germany will receive an upgrade of its synchronous generators. Vattenfall, the operator of the facility, commissioned Alstom to replace one of the generators which reached the end of its lifespan, after 35 years of operation.
  1. The “energy neighbor” storage project has been inaugurated in Kirchdorf, South Bavaria. It consists of a VARTA 250kW/250kWh battery that will be used to maximize the benefits of locally generated solar power. It was developed by a consortium of private companies and academics and received a funding of €30million from the Bavarian state.
  1. « Ice Energy announced the launch of Solar + Ice which bundles Ice Bear thermal energy storage with rooftop solar PV. The company’s Solar + Ice bundle is available to utilities through long-term power purchase agreements (PPA) that guarantee performance. »

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