Energy storage for German municipal utilities – A market in the starting blocks !

Clean Horizon just released its latest study!

This Market Segment Watch is dedicated to a dynamic and promising category of players: the German municipal utilities‘ (Stadtwerke) segment.

Composed of a total of more than 1400 companies, this market segment is already involved in energy storage, but not as widely as it could. Clean Horizon decrypted the reasons why they are not investing more, and solutions that could be deployed to unlock energy storage orders.

For this study, Clean Horizon’s experts interviewed no less than 25 German and Austrian utilities in September. All answers have now been processed and gathered in a detailed and comprehensive 32-page report underpinned by 23 enlightening charts and 18 effective recommendations.

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In parallel to this cutting-edge study, a 3-chapter white paper has been issued, dealing with energy storage opportunity market in Germany.

These papers can be dowloaded here for free: