December 11th, 2015
This week’s “Top 5” includes a 20MWh project for Imergy and SunEdison in Ontario, a new residential product by Schneider, a successful 50m$ round of investment for Younicos, a new demonstration project for Redflow and the adoption of new frequency regulation rules favorable to energy storage in Europe.

Top 5

  1. « SunEdison announced that it has signed a 10-year agreement with Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator to supply a 5MW / 20MWh energy storage system. The flow battery will be supplied by Imergy, and commissioning is expected for H1, 2017.»
  1. Schneider Electric launched EcoBlade, a fully flexible energy storage system powered by Li-ion batteries. EcoBlade consists of blades the size of a 30-inch flat screen, weighing under 25 kg. Each blade contains a battery module and is ready to use in standalone mode. The blades can also be connected in racks or in containers.
  1. « Younicos raised $50m in growth capital. Backers included First Solar, Inc. a global provider of solar energy solutions and Grupo ECOS, a sustainable investment-focused private equity firm. They joined an undisclosed strategic lead investor. »
  1. RedFlow has signed a demonstration agreement with Ergon Energy, one of Australia’s leading utilities. The system will comprise 48 RedFlow batteries in a containerised large-scale battery solution producing 100kW and 480kWh of energy matched to an ABB PCS100 inverter. Delivery is expected within the next few weeks.
  1. The European commission published the Network Code on Load Frequency Control & Reserves (LFCR). With this new text, battery storage units providing primary frequency regulation will only need to achieve 15 minutes at maximum demand, instead of 30 minutes as it had initially been considered.

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