January 8th, 2016
This week’s TOP 5 includes rumours about a huge project in California, a new order for Imergy in South Africa, a microgrid project in Australia, the beginning of a large scale test phase for thermal storage in Europe and the entrance of Mortenson Construction, an EPC, in the energy storage market.

Foreword: Clean Horizon wishes a very happy new year and a lot of success in energy storage to all its readers.

Top 5

  1. Rumour is that BYD and the city of Lancaster in California have a 500MW project in the pipeline, which would replace the construction of a gas peaker.
  1. « Imergy Power Systems announced that a South Africa-based multinational mobile telecommunications company has purchased a further 105 Imergy ESP5™ vanadium flow batteries in addition to an original pilot of 20 systems, to provide backup power to base station sites in the country. »
  1. « LWP Property Group, an Australian property developer, has commissioned an AUD $1.1 million study to see if 7,500 new homes can run entirely off-grid. The aim is to develop a microgrid with solar plus storage and gas that cost-effectively integrates as much renewables as possible. »
  1. « Glen Dimplex is due to start recruiting households to participate in the latest phase of an EU trial of energy storage technologies. The project will see 1,250 thermal storage systems deployed in three EU member states: Ireland, Germany and Latvia. »
  1. « Mortenson Construction is entering the energy storage market. The company will serve various roles in the engineering, construction and integration of energy storage systems connected to local energy grids and behind-the-meter commercial applications. »

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