January 22nd, 2016
This week’s TOP 5 includes a 53MWh project for Leclanché in Ontario, the US Department of Energy investing $18million in six demonstration projects, a $50million non-recourse debt financing for Green Charge Network, a small demonstration project for ViZn in Idaho and a new residential product by LG Chem and SolaX Power.

Top 5

  1. Leclanché has been selected for a 13MW / 53MWh project in Ontario. The EMS will be supplied by Greensmith energy and the whole project will be installed and operated by Deltro Energy to provide ancillary services to the grid.
  1. « The US Department of Energy is to fund six projects trialling the combination of solar and energy storage. The DOE is making US$18 million available for the projects. »
  1. Green Charge announced it has closed a non-recourse debt financing of $20 million in planned projects, and another $30 million in prevision of 2016 new projects.
  1. « ViZn Energy Systems announced that it has received an order for a 128 kW/320 kWh redox flow battery system based on its zinc-iron chemistry from Idaho National Laboratory (INL), part of the Department of Energy’s (DOE). »
  1. LG Chem and SolaX Power launched a new residential product that should be available worldwide in a few weeks. It features a 6.4kWh battery, that can be expanded up to 12.8kWh, and should be sold at around 5000$.

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