February 5th, 2016
This week’s TOP 5 includes the opening of Sonnen’s headquarters in the US, some details on National Grid’s 200MW procurement, a new product by Ice Energy, a retrospective of the largest storage projects commissioned in 2015 and an example of how storage can help to integrate more renewables in islands.

Top 5

  1. German energy storage company Sonnen has officially opened its new headquarters in Los Angeles and is teaming up with PV pannels manufacturer SolarWorld to offer PV plus storage complete packages.
  1. National Grid, the British TSO, is procuring 200MW of “enhanced frequency response”. Remuneration will be based on the swiftness and availability of the asset as well as on the duration for which it can provide the service. Sizing will therefore be of extreme importance.
  1. Ice Energy has introduced the Ice Bear 20 — a smaller-capacity version of its thermal storage system designed for homes and small C&I. « The new system combines Ice Energy’s patented thermal storage and smart-grid technology with integrated cooling, enabling utilities to control residential cooling load and reduce peak demand by up to 95% for up to four hours. »
  1. A significant number of large scale energy storage systems have been commissioned in 2015, among which two 31.5MW batteries in PJM, a 40MW battery in Japan, or two 10MW systems in Europe. Africa is lagging behind in battery energy storage, but large thermal storage units have been installed together with CSPs.
  1. According to EDF, the Reunion island’s electrical grid will now be able to withstand a penetration of intermittent renewables of 32% at any given moment thanks to the increasing amount of storage connected to the grid. The threshold was 30% until now. (in French)

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