March 4th, 2016
This week’s TOP 5 includes a €500 million investment in Li-ion batteries manufacturing capability by Accumotive, the launch of the serial production of Belectric’s Energy Buffer Unit, Alevo’s delays in delivering its first systems, a partnership between Qinous and Bluetech Financing Solutions to facilitate the implementation of storage projects in islands and a 3MW project for Statkraft in Germany.

Top 5

  1. « Accumotive, the battery subsidiary of German carmaker Daimler, will begin construction of a new €500 million (US$544 million) lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility in the third quarter of this year. The factory will produce batteries for electric and hybrid Mercedes-Benz and smart cars, along with stationary storage products for commercial and residential customers. »
  1. Belectric has begun serial production of its ‘Energy Buffer Unit’ (EBU) battery system, based on lead acid batteries. After its first project in Alt Daber, Germany, Belectric is now looking at other opportunities in the USA and in Europe, and particularly at the upcoming 200MW tender in the UK.
  1. Alevo did not meet its 2014 claims to employ 500 people in its South Carolina facility and ship its first systems by the end of 2015. First systems are however expected to roll out of the production line during Q2, 2016.
  1. Qinous and Bluetech Financing Solutions signed an agreement that aims at proposing storage solutions with low upfront costs in islands with high electricity prices.
  1. Statkraft has installed a 3MW storage unit at one of its hydro power plants located on Tennet’s grid in Germany. The system has been supplied by Ads-tec and will provide primary reserve.

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