April 1st, 2016
This week’s TOP 5 includes development regarding a 50MW gravity-based storage project in Nevada by Advanced Rail Energy Storage, a 10MW project in Texas by Ormat and Alevo, the deployment of the first Canadian virtual power plant, a project of 100 mini grids in Madagascar for Fluidic Energy and the launch of Redflow’s residential system in Australia.

Top 5

  1. Advanced Rail Energy Storage announced it has secured a right-of-way lease to develop its planned 50MW gravity-based energy storage project in Nevada.
  1. Ormat Technologies announced it has signed an agreement Alevo to jointly build, own and operate a 10MW project in Texas. The storage system will be used to regulate the frequency on the ERCOT area.
  1.  What is thought to be Canada’s first virtual power plant (VPP) has been deployed in Ontario. The system is composed of about 20 solar arrays coupled with 12kWh batteries, which will be used to time-shift the homeowners consumption and prove the concept.
  1. « Fluidic Energy announced today the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in partnership with the Government of the Republic of Madagascar to provide a renewable energy-based turn-key mini-grid solution to 100 remote communities. »
  1. Redflow launched in Australia its first residential energy storage solution, ZCell, which core component is Redflow’s ZBM2.

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