April 15th, 2016
This week’s TOP 5 includes a partnership between Sungrow and Samsung SDI in China, a partnership between Lotte and Smarter Grid Solutions for a demonstration project in the UK, a 1.25MWh project for Aquion in Puerto Rico, a partnership between Gildemeister and Australian Vanadium and 200 residential storage systems to be installed by Sunvault in Canada.

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– And for even more market data, stay tuned for the upcoming release of Clean Horizon’s new report on the UK market segment.

Top 5

  1. « PV inverter manufacturer Sungrow is partnering with lithium-ion battery provider and renewable energy storage system maker Samsung SDI to perform demonstrative energy storage projects in China. » The total installed capacity under this agreement could reach 20MW/80MWh.
  1. Smarter Grid Solutions has announced they are working with Lotte Chemical to test and demonstrate Lotte’s flow battery technology in the UK market in a two-year project financed by the South Korean government.
  1. The output of a 16MW solar farm in Puerto Rico will be tied to a 1.25MWh Aquion ‘saltwater’ battery. The storage system will be used to supply energy to the facility at night in order to make it « grid-independant ».
  1.  « Australian Vanadium has inked a deal with German battery maker Gildemeister Energy Storage to sell the CellCube range of vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFB) in Australia. »
  1. Sunvault Energy will be installing new storage systems in 200 homes along with solar arrays in Canada. 1.2MWp of PV will be installed under this project.

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