April 22nd, 2016
This week’s TOP 5 includes a 10MW project in India by AES and Panasonic, a 10MW project on the PJM area by RES and Exelon Generation, the completion of a 1.2MWh project in Japan by NEC to integrate PV onto the grid, a demonstration project in Melbourne combining 14 residential storage systems and a successful round of investment by Geli.


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Top 5

  1. « Panasonic India Pvt. Ltd. and US- based energy provider AES India Private Limited announced an agreement to construct a 10 MW energy storage array at a Panasonic’s facility in India. » Panasonic’s batteries will be used in the project.
  1. Exelon Generation and RES announced the development of a 10MW in Ohio to provide ancillary services to the PJM grid. Exelon Generation will own and operate the facility and RES will develop and build it. The project will use Samsung SDI’s batteries and Parker’s PCS.
  1. NEC and NEC ES have completed the installation of a 0.5MW/1.2MWh battery coupled with a PV power plant in Japan. The battery will be used to smooth out the PV output.
  1. A Melbourne suburb will get completely off grid, powered only with rooftop solar and battery storage. In this demonstration project led by Ausnet, 14 homes will be equipped with 10kWh LG batteries and between 3 and 4.5kWp of PV.
  1. « Geli, a software platform provider for energy storage systems, announced it has raised a $7 million Series A round from an unnamed clean energy family investment office and Shell Technology Ventures. »

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