April 29th, 2016
This week’s TOP 5 includes a 450kW project in Italy for UET, a 2MW project in Finland for Saft, a successful round of investment for Aquion, a memorandum of understanding between Samsung SDI and Kepco to develop storage projects, and the opening of Tesla’s online store for the 100kWh Powerpack.

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Top 5

  1. UniEnergy Technologies announced a 450kW/1440kWh project to be installed at a Terna utility substation in Ciminna, Italy on the island of Sicily. The project is developed as part of phase 1 of Terna’s storage lab program.
  1. Saft will install a 2MW/1MWh battery at one of Fortum’s power plant in Finland, which will be used to provide frequency response. The project cost is about 2m€, and 30% is financed by the ministry of energy.
  1. Aquion Energy pulled in another $33 million of funding and hopes to raise $60 million in total. The latest round brings the company’s venture funding to $190 million.
  1. Samsung SDI and Kepco signed a MoU under which the two companies will use their capabilities to develop storage projects out of Korea.
  1. Tesla’s Powerpack can now be ordered online, at a price of 470$/kWh. The batteries are sold together with 250kW inverters, priced at 260$/kW.

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