May 13th , 2016
This week’s TOP 5 includes the acquisition of Saft by Total in a billion dollar deal, the acquisition of 80% of Green Charge Networks by Engie, the completion of a 7MW system by S&C in Ohio, a new residential product by Nissan and Eaton based on used batteries from Nissan’s EVs and the installation of a microgrid with storage by Gamesa in Spain.

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Top 5

  1. « Total SA agreed to buy French battery maker Saft Groupe SA in a 950 million-euro ($1.1 billion) deal. »
  1. « Green Charge Networks has been taken over by Engie, who acquired an 80 percent stake in the Santa Clara, California-based startup. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. »
  1. S&C completed the installation of a 7MW storage system in Ohio. The asset will be used for frequency regulation on the PJM area and will enable deferral in T&D investments.
  1. Nissan and Eaton have joined forces to unveil a new residential energy storage unit, providing a second life to Nissan’s EV batteries and designed to be the most affordable in the market today, as the expected price of the battery should be lower than 1000€/kWh, installation included.
  1. Gamesa inaugurated a prototype of its off-grid system for the supply of power to remote areas without access to the grid. The 2MW system is bundling wind energy, solar power, diesel-powered generation and energy storage.

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