May 27th , 2016
This week’s TOP 5 includes a 20MW project for RES in the UK, the upcoming presentation of a 20MWh flow battery by Franhofer in Germany, a RFI for storage by Portland General Electric, the installation of a hybrid power plant on the Caribbean island of St Eustatius and the delivery of 2MW/4MWh of energy storage systems to Stem by Socomec.

Foreword: The British Energy Managers Association (EMA) builds a working group to advocate storage to Ofgem. Interested in participating? Click here to find out more.

Top 5

  1. RES worked with Great Britain’s National Grid to develop 20MW of battery that can provide sub-second frequency response services. This project was used as a preliminary phase to the EFR RFP and should be commissioned in 18 months.
  1. Franhofer will showcase its new 20MWh flow battery during the International Flow Battery Forum which will take place next June, 7-9 in Karslruhe.
  1. Portland General Electric has issued a Request for Information (RFI) to understand and evaluate the capabilities and qualifications of companies throughout the energy storage value chain.
  1. A hybrid power plant has been installed on the Dutch Caribbean island St Eustatius, and should cover more 23% of the island’s annual electricity demand. The system consists in 1.9MWp of PV together with 1MW of storage and diesel generators.
  1. Socomec, the French manufacturer of power conversion systems, will deliver 20 energy storage systems to Stem for a total of 2MW/4MWh. (in French)

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