June 3rd , 2016
This week’s TOP 5 includes plans about a 800MWh flow battery in China by UET and Rongke, a RFP for grid-scale storage by SCE in California, Samsung and Tesla’s batteries taking part in a trial program in Australia, the disclosure of Mercedes-Benz’ residential battery price and a novel design for flow batteries being investigated at the MIT.

Foreword: You read it well, a 800MWh flow battery is in the pipeline. If you want to know more about the booming opportunities for flow batteries, join us at the International Flow Battery Forum, on June 7-9th in Kalsruhe, Germany.

Top 5

  1. UniEnergy Technologies and Rongke Power are planning to deploy a 800MWh vanadium flow battery in China. The project has been approved by the China National Energy Administration and should be used to stabilize the grid of the peninsula of Dalian where large amounts of wind turbines are installed.
  1. SCE is launching a RFP for in front of the meter energy storage following Resolution E-4791 from the CPUC. Projects can be new or already existing, but must be operational by December 31st, 2016. The Resolution followed the gas leak in Aliso Canyon that jeopardizes the security of supply for the winters to come.
  1. The Tesla Powerwall and an energy storage product from Samsung will be used in the trial of 100 residential batteries launched by SA Power Networks in Australia.
  1. Accumotive disclosed the price of its Mercedes-benz battery. Once installed, the 2.5kWh battery should cost around 9,000$, which is quite high compared to its competitors.
  1. The MIT is experimenting a new type of flow battery, in which pumps are replaced by … gravity.

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