June 10th, 2016
This week’s TOP 5 includes the completion of a hybrid power plant at the DeGrussa mine in Autralia, a new initiative in India to develop microgrids, GE investing in Sonnen, rumors about a possible partnership between Samsung SDI and Tesla, and a partnership between Hydrogenics and SinoHyTec for the delivery of fuel cells in China.

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Top 5

  1. Juwi completed the installation of its hybrid power plant at the DeGrussa mine in Australia. The system consists in 10.4MWp of PV together with 6MW of storage.
  1. India is currently developing a policy to support the implementation of microgrids and has issued a draft open to comments.
  1. GE Ventures acquired a minority share in Sonnen
  1. Samsung SDI’s stock price has been going up and down in the last days following various rumors about Tesla considering using Samsung’s batteries in some of its products. It turns out this partnership is out of the question for the EV business, but is in discussion for the stationary storage products.
  1. «Hydrogenics announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with SinoHytec, a vehicle propulsion technology company based in Beijing, for the delivery of fuel cells in China. »

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