June 17th, 2016
This week’s TOP 5 includes 33 PV plus storage projects awarded in the French islands, a solar plus storage project powering water pumps in Rwanda, the launch of a virtual power plant composed of PV and storage residential systems in New York, the installation of the first grid-scale storage project in New Zealand and the commissioning of a hybrid system by Duke energy pairing batteries and ultracapacitors.

Top 5

  1. Results of the French island call for tender for PV and storage are finally out. 33 projects have been awarded, representing a total of 52MWp of PV and storage to be installed in five overseas territories.
  1. « German storage manufacturer Tesvolt has been awarded a project to power water pumps in Rwanda with 2.68MWh of battery storage linked to a utility-scale solar system. » The project has been awarded through a call for tender and is financed by an undisclosed international foundation.
  1. Con Edison, SunPower Corp. and Sunverge Energy have partnered to integrate over 1.8 MW of solar power and about 1.8 MW and 4 MWh of battery storage in residential installations in New York.
  1. Alpine Energy has worked with Infratec to deliver the first grid-scale battery in New Zealand, as part of a demonstration project. The battery is currently 142kVA/142kWh, and could be extended to 1MW.
  1. Duke Energy’s hybrid ultracapacitor and battery system is now operating. The system pairs Maxwell Technologies’ ultracapacitor storage with a 300kWh Aquion Aqueous Hybrid Ion battery.

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