July 8th, 2016
This week’s TOP 5 includes the inauguration of a microgrid near Toronto by PowerStream and KEPCO, the installation of second life EV batteries from Nissan at a datacenter in France by Eaton, a partnership between Advanced Microgrid Solutions and Opus One, the reform of the SGIP scheme in California and the upcoming entry of Solarwatt in the UK market.

Foreword 1: Are the future primary reserve prices in Germany of interest to you? Let us know!

Foreword 2: One of our start-up clients is looking to hire a senior battery engineer in France. Contact us if you are interested!

Top 5
1    PowerStream, an Ontario utility, and KEPCO inaugurated a microgrid near Toronto. The system, which consists in a 750kW / 500kWh battery is able to island a whole neighbourhood.

2    A datacenter in Normandy, France is now using second life EV batteries supplied by Eaton as well as PV to reduce its electricity bill. The installation is part of a EU project.

3    Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS) and Opus One Solutions (Opus One) announced an agreement to jointly offer an integrated energy storage solution for the distribution grid.

4    The SGIP in California was reformed, changing the award from a dollar per Watt basis to a dollar per Watt-hour basis. This will favor long duration storage systems.

5    Solarwatt, the German battery manufacturer, will soon be entering the UK market by developing a partnership network with installers and designers.