July 29th, 2016
This week’s TOP 5 includes call for tender for 300MWp of PV together with 30MW of storage in India, the launch of a joint venture by Sungrow and Samsung SDI in China, a 1MW electrolyzer project for Hydrogenics in Thailand, a new initiative by Ausgrid to facilitate the installation of residential PV plus storage in Australia and the installation of ultracapacitors on the Beijing metro by Maxwell.

Top 5

  1. « Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) will soon tender for utility-scale solar-plus-storage projects in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. » Six 50MW projects should be awarded, each coupled to a 5MW/2.5MWh storage system.
  1. Sungrow launched the Sungrow-Samsung SDI Energy Storage Power Supply Co., Ltd joint venture in China. The joint venture will focus on large scale energy storage systems, and already has two projects in the pipeline in China (of 8 and 10MWh).
  1. Hydrogenics has been awarded a €4.3million contract in Thailand for a 1MW PEM electrolyzer. The whole project consists in coupling wind energy, electrolyze, hydrogen storage and fuel cells to provide clean power to an energy neutral building.
  1. State-owned Australian utility Ausgrid is cutting fees and facilitating registration processes for consumers installing solar or battery storage systems. This should save the consumers 200AUD per installation.
  1. Maxwell Technologies announced that it had installed wayside energy storage ultracapacitors on the Beijing metro for regenerative braking.

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