September 16th, 2016
This week’s TOP 5 includes 125MW of storage and demand response selected by SCE in California, a 2MW/8MWh project for Powin Energy to be installed soon in California, the acquisition of IPERC by S&C, ConEdison’s commitment to install cold storage systems from Axiom Exergy and a plan by Duke energy to increase the storage capacity of one of its pumped-hydro facility by 200MW.

Top 5

  1. « Southern California Edison has picked six companies to build 125 megawatts of distributed energy storage and demand response for its Preferred Resources Pilot. » Winners include Hecate (15MW), AMS (40MW), Convergent (35MW) and NextEra (10MW).
  1. « Powin Energy announced that it has been selected by Southern California Edison (SCE) to build a 2 MW/8 MWh energy storage system. The selection resulted from a process started in response to the California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC) Aliso Canyon Energy Storage (ACES) request for energy storage projects that could be operational by the beginning of 2017. »
  1. S&C acquired IPERC, a New York-based maker of military-grade microgrid software and control devices.
  1. ConEdison said it will commit $5 million towards installation of Axiom Exergy’s thermal energy storage system in supermarkets and cold storage facilities in Brooklyn and Queens, in order to reduce peak demand.
  1. « Duke Energy plans to increase the energy storage capacity of its Bad Creek pumped storage hydroelectric station by 200MW. The expansion is scheduled to start in 2021, and complete in 2024. »

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