September 30th, 2016
This week’s TOP 5 includes the completion of two projects using second life batteries in Germany: one is 2.8MWh and integrates BMW’s batteries while the other uses Daimler’s batteries, a 7MW/34MWh  project for Advanced Microgrid Solutions in California, using Tesla’s batteries, the installation of 6.3MWh of storage across 12 sites by Green Charge Networks, and the first prototype of organic flow battery by Kemwatt.

Foreword: One of our start-up clients is looking to hire a senior battery engineer in France. Contact us if you are interested!

Top 5

  1. Daimler has completed the construction of a 13MWh energy storage facility using second-hand car batteries in Germany.
  1. BMW and Bosch have inaugurated a 2.8MWh battery that uses second-life modules from electric cars in Germany.
  1. Tesla will supply Powerpacks’to Advanced Microgrid Solutions. A 7 MW / 34 MWh network of battery systems will be installed to support water treatment facilities in California
  1. Green Charge Networks has installed 12 systems in school campuses in Poway, in San Diego in the US, with cumulative capacity of 6.3MWh across the sites.
  1. Kemwatt, a French start-up developing an organic flow battery, unveiled its 10kW prototype and is now looking for new investors.

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