November 4th, 2016
This week’s TOP 5 includes a 20MW project for Leclanché on the PJM interconnection, the successful financing of 12MW of storage projects in Canada by Convergent, a 2MWh project for Younicos in Denver, a 3MW project for NEC ES in California and the launch of Tesla’s second version of the Powerwall.

Top 5

  1. Leclanché will build a 20MW/10MWh project developed by Glidepath and financed by Swiss Green Energy Management Group. The project will be located in Illinois and will participate to the PJM frequency regulation market.
  1. Convergent announced the successful financing of its two IESO projects. The financing partners are Susi Partners and CJF Capital.
  1. Younicos signed an agreement with Panasonic and Xcel Energy for the installation of 2MWh of storage at Panasonic’s Denver operations hub.
  1. NEC ES is supplying a 3MW/3.4MWh storage system to SCE in California. The system will be directly owned and operated by SCE to defer investments in the distribution grid in urban areas.
  1. Tesla unveiled the second version of its powerwall, which can now store 14kWh, and will be sold at $5,500.

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