November 18th, 2016
This week’s TOP 5 includes a 1MW solar plus storage project in California by Green Charge and REC, a 250kW demonstration project in New Zealand, the entry of Ideal Power on the German market, a demonstration project for cold storage by Walmart in California and a wind plus small-scale pumped-hydro project being developed by GE in the USA.

Top 5

  1. « Green Charge and REC Solar announced plans to build a 1MW solar-plus-energy storage project in Sonoma County, California. »
  1. Counties Power, a New Zealand utility, will commission a 250kW/500kWh battery with S&C in mid-2017. The pilot project will assess the potential of ancillary grid services and peak shaving.
  1. Ideal Power is entering the German market with an order for 0.5MW of its 30kW power conversion systems (PCS) for commercial energy storage projects. The names of the customers have not been disclosed.
  1. Walmart has selected Axiom Energy for a demonstration project of cold storage in San Diego.
  1. GE is developing a project in the US combining wind power and small-scale pumped-hydro storage.

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