December 9th, 2016
This week’s TOP 5 includes the approval for a 20MW project in the UK, up to 100MW of storage being developed in Australia by RES, Statoil investing in Convergent Energy + Power, a 300kW/1.2MWh project for Demand Energy in New York and 3 demonstration projects to be built in Singapore by Sandia laboratories.

Top 5

  1. Energy Reservoirs, a UK developer, has received approval for the connection of 20MW of energy storage. The energy storage asset will provide frequency regulation services to National Grid.
  1. RES is developing up to 100MW of storage for South Australia. South Australia recently experienced an outage due to the integration of renewable, and storage could help prevent the occurrence of these events.
  1. Convergent Energy + Power announced it has received a strategic investment from Statoil.
  1. Demand Energy announced that it will be delivering and installing a microgrid under the ConEdison’s Brooklyn-Queens Neighborhood Program. The microgrid consists in a 400kW fuel cell and a 300kW/1.2MWh Li-ion battery.
  1. Sandia will build three energy storage projects in Singapore and assist the local utility on the R&D on these installations.

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