January 20th, 2017
This week’s TOP 5 includes a 10MW project by AES in India, a 8MWh storage system to be installed by Ameresco as part of a microgrid in the USA, a 1MW electrolyzer project won by McPhy in Germany, a 1MWh project for Tesla in California and 13 multinationals planning to invest $10billion in hydrogen-related products.

Foreword: Curious about the ongoing call for tender for 50MWp of PV plus storage in the French islands? Have a look at a sample of our latest report dedicated to this new opportunity.

Top 5

  1. AES India and Mitsubishi Corporation will develop and own a 10MW storage system to Tata Power in Dheli, India. The asset will be used to demonstrate peak load management and increase the grid’s flexibility.
  1. Ameresco will install a microgrid composed of 10MW of new generation and 8MWh of storage at an US Navy base in South Carolina.
  1. McPhy has won a tender to deliver a 1 MW electrolyzer at the Wyhlen hydroelectric power plant in Germany.
  1. Tesla has installed a 500kW / 1MWh battery at a beer brewery in California. The battery is used to reduce the energy bill of the facility.
  1. 13 global companies, including Linde, Air Liquide, Engie, Shell and Toyota, are forming a “Hydrogen Concil” and plan to invest up to $10 billion in hydrogen-related products within the next five years.

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