February 17th, 2017
This week’s TOP 5 includes a 44MWp PV plus storage plant being developed by the US Navy in Hawaii, Baker Electric selected by NEC to build a 3MW storage system in California, Sonnen close to completing a facility in the USA, new feed-in tariffs in Hawaii encouraging the installation of PV plus storage systems and a 1MW/2MWh to be installed by Green Charge Networks in California.

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Top 5

  1. The U.S. Navy is developing a 44-MW solar-plus-storage facility on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. The details on the storage system have not been disclosed.
  1. Baker Electric Inc. announced it has been named the EPC for for NEC ES’ 3MW  /3.4MWh grid energy storage pilot system for Southern California Edison.
  1. « Sonnen announced that is close to completing a new North American Innovation Center which will merge the company’s US manufacturing operations with product research and development. »
  1. The Hawaii PUC introduces new Feed-in-Tariffs that encourage the injection of power at night and should therefore provide an incentive to install PV + storage systems.
  1. « Green Charge Networks announced that Pacific Union College will install a 1MW/2MWh commercial energy storage system on its Napa Valley campus. »

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