March 3rd , 2017
This week’s TOP 5 includes two 9.9MW projects by E.on and Greensmith in Texas, Samsung SDI supplying 60% of the volume of battery installed in the Aliso Canyon projects, a 1MW project by RES and NREL in Colorado, a microgrid in Sardinia combining CPV, CSP, thermal storage and batteries and a plan by CMI to install both flow batteries and Li-ion batteries in Belgium

Top 5

  1. E.on and Greensmith plan to install two 9.9MW storage systems in Texas. Commissioning is expected for the end of 2017.
  1. Samsung SDI officially announced that it has supplied 240MWh out of the 340MWh commissioned in the “Aliso Canyon” projects. This portfolio includes the two projects built by AES.
  1. NREL has selected RES to build a 1MW/1MWh test storage systems at one of its sites in Colorado. The system is composed of LG Chem batteries and SMA inverters.
  1. Electro Power System has completed the installation of a microgrid in Sardinia composed of 0.6MWp of CPV, 0.6MW of CSP, 14MWh of thermal storage and 0.5MWh of batteries procured to Fiamm.
  1. The Belgian industrial group CMI unveiled a plan to install Li-ion batteries and flow batteries in Seraing, Belgium. (in French)

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