March 24th, 2017
This week’s TOP 5 includes two wind plus storage projects in Europe by Vattenfall and BMW, representing a total battery installation of over 25MW, a 12,5MW battery project in Germany by Engie and Siemens, EDF RE launching a new business focusing on distributed solar and storage , a 2.4MW electrolyzer project awarded to Hydrogenics in Germany and French flywheel manufacturer Levisys becoming BYD’s distributor.

Top 5

  1. Vattenfall will add BMW batteries to two wind projects: a 3.2MW battery will be built near a 122MW wind farm in the Netherlands, and a 22MW energy storage system will be installed at a 230MW wind farm in Wales.
  1. “Engie Deutschland has awarded a contract to Siemens to install a 12.5MW/13MWh battery storage unit at its pumped storage hydro power station in Kraftwerksgruppe Pfreimd, Germany. The battery storage will offer additional balancing energy for grid stabilization.”
  1. “EDF Renewable Energy has commissioned a new business unit focused on Distributed Electricity and Storage that will focus on distributed solar and storage projects up to 30 MW in size.”
  1. Hydrogenics has been awarded a contract to deliver a 2.4MW PEM electrolyzer in Germany. The hydrogen produced will be reinjected on the local natural gas pipeline.
  1. French flywheel manufacturer Levisys becomes BYD’s distributor in France, Spain, Italy and Morocco.

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