April 27th, 2017
This week’s TOP 5 includes announcements for one hybrid project on a Greek island, a 40MWh project on Long Island to integrate wind turbines, a PV plus storage project in Arizona, a 1MW battery in Brazil and ANESCO that retrofits 10 solar plants in the UK with storage.

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Top 5

  1. Eunice Energy Group to develop a hybrid project on the Greek island of Tilos featuring a 800kW/ 2 880 kWh system alongside wind and PV.
  1. National Grid filed a lease for a 5MW / 40MWh storage system to be installed on Long Island, this asset will enable further wind integration.
  1. Arizona utility Salt River Project awarded the construction of a 10 MW battery coupled with 20MWp PV to NextEra Energy.
  1. Engie announced that they install a 1MW / 4MWh zinc hybrid cathode battery system from Eos in Brazil.
  1. ANESCO agreed to retrofit 10 of Ancala Partner’s PV arrays in the UK with battery units, totaling 12MWh of capacity.

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