May 19th, 2017
This week’s TOP 5 includes the acquisition of Greensmith by Wärtsilä, Enel acquiring a 25 MW storage project in the UK, two projects demonstrating synergies between energy storage and transport financed by the EU, Tesla and Green Mountain Power proposing the Tesla Powerwall at 15$/month in Vermont, and a contract for a 1 MW / 4.2 MWh battery installation for Stem.

Top 5

  1. Finnish provider of energy solutions Wärtsilä has signed an agreement to acquire Greensmith Energy Management for an undisclosed sum.
  1. Enel Green Power acquired Element Power’s 25 MW / 12,5 MWh Tynemouth project in the UK. The project was awarded a four-year contract last year under the Enhanced Frequency Response auction.
  1. Over €12 million in funding will be provided by EU’s Connecting Europe Facility to two projects eploring the synergies between transportation and stationary storage. One will demonstrate power-to-gas-to vehicle, while the other consists in installing stationary storage together with fast EV chargers.
  1. Tesla and Vermont utility Green Mountain Power are offering the Tesla Powerwall for 15$ a month. The batteries are aggregated within a Virtual Power Plant and generating revenues, thus allowing such a low cost for the residential customer.
  1. Stem will add 1 MW / 4.2 MWh to an existing installation of 1 MW / 2 MWh already in place in one of California State University campuses
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