May 27th, 2017
This week’s TOP 5 includes a very cost-competitive solar-plus-storage project in Arizona, a 40 MW project on the Guam island, Daimler’s new battery manufacturing plant breaking ground in Germany, two 2 MW / 2MWh projects completed in Arizona and a plan to install a 2.5 MW battery in Scotland by Ecotricity.

Top 5

  1. Arizon utility Tucson Electric and Power (TEP) announced a project that consists of a 100 MWp PV farm coupled with a 30 MW / 120 MWh storage system. The facility will be constructed by NextERA, and will apparently sell its energy below 45$/MWh, under a 20-year PPA.
  1. The Guam Power Authority has signed an agreement under which GPA will procure a 40 MW battery system to LG CNS, a subsidiary of Korean group LG.
  1. Daimler begins construction on a 500 M€ Li-ion battery manufacturing plant at one of its sites in Kamenz, Eastern Germany. Batteries produced will be used for both electric vehicles and stationary storage.
  1. Arizona Public Services commissioned two 2 MW / 2 MWh energy storage system provided by AES.
  1. Ecotricity, a Scottish wind developer, announced it will install a 2.5 MW battery at its headquarters.

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