June 2nd, 2017
This week’s TOP 5 includes a 1 GWp solar plus storage project in preparation in Argentina, a 1.7 MW / 3.2 MWh project by Younicos in Texas, the inauguration of a 10 MW / 2.5 MWh project in Arizona and of a 1.7 MW / 1.1 MWh project in Spain, and a plan to build a microgrid in Mauritius which includes a 2 MW / 0.5 MWh battery.

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Top 5

  1. The governor of the Argentinian region of Jujuy announced a plan to build a 1 GWp PV power plant that would be able to inject power 24/7, and would therefore include an energy storage component.
  1. Younicos will collaborate with Doosan to provide a 1.75 MW/ 3.2 MWh system to Austin Energy (Texas), as part of a DoE funded initiative.
  1. Greensmith, E.on and Tucson Electric & Power inaugurate a 10 MW / 2.5 MWh battery storage system in Arizona. The system will provide frequency response and voltage control.
  1. Acciona has switched on Spain’s first wind plus storage plant. The plant is composed of a 3 MW wind turbine, a 1 MW / 0.39 MWh battery and another 0.7 MW / 0.7 MWh battery, both supplied by Samsung SDI. The demonstration project has been funded by the European Regional Development Fund.
  1. Carnegie Clean Energy, an Australian company developing a technology allowing to recover electricity from wave energy, completed the design of a microgrid in Mauritius. The microgrid is composed of a 1 MW wave energy plant, a 2 MWp PV plant, a 2 MW / 0.5 MWh battery and will power a desalination plant.

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