June 9th, 2017
This week’s TOP 5 includes an upcoming auction for 100 MW of storage in Queensland, a 100 MW project using second life batteries by Renault-Nissan in Europe, a plan to connect a 2 MW battery to an offshore wind farm by Dong Energy in the UK, BlueSky Energy bidding to acquire Aquion’s assets and a new offering for C&I consumers  from Omnio in the UK

Top 5

  1. An auction for 400 MW of renewables and 100MW of storage will be held on H2 2017 by the Queensland government.
  1. The Renault-Nissan Alliance, in collaboration with the Mobility House, will build a 100MW battery storage project in Europe using its second-life EV batteries. The location and application of the system have however not been disclosed.
  1. Dong Energy will connect a 2 MW battery to one of its offshore wind farms located near Liverpool, UK.
  1. Austrian firm BlueSky Energy placed a bid of 2.8 M$ for Aquion’s asset. A total of 190 M$ of VC was invested in Aquion prior to its bankrupcy.
  2. Omnio will offer free battery installations to C&I customers in the UK. Omnio will then aggregate the batteries and provide ancillary services and peak shifting in order to generate revenues and pay back for the installs.