June 16th, 2017
This week’s TOP 5 includes a 25 MWp PV-diesel-stroage project in Sierra Leone, a 10 MW battery project by RES in Canada, the Li-ion battery capacity assembly increasing rapidly in India, the installation of five PV-storage system on Malidivian islands by Sungrow and GE unveiling a new package allowing to retrofit any generation unit with battery storage.Top 5 

  1. “The US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) has put out a tender request for a 25MW hybrid solar-diesel-storage project in Sierra Leone.”
  1. RES Canada is developing a 10 MW battery project in the city of Sarnia, Ontario. The system should mainly be used for frequency regulation.
  1. The Li-ion battery capacity assembly in India should reach more than 1 GWh this year. Multiple companies are building production lines of a few hundred MWh/year.
  1. Sungrow has equipped five Maldivian islands with PV-storage hybrid power plants in order to reduce fuel consumption. The five projects amount to 2.7 MWp of PV and 700 kW / 333 kWh of storage.
  1. GE unveiled a battery and controls package that can be integrated into any of GE’s generation systems, which represent a third of the worldwide generation capacity.