June 30th, 2017
This week’s TOP 5 includes a wind plus storage project in Australia for Neoen, the installation of a 6 MW battery by RWE in Germany, a partnership between Power Solutions and Advanced Microgrid Solutions, a 2 MWH project for Tesla in the UK and a project to build redox-flow batteries in salt caverns in Germany.

Top 5 

  1. French developer Neoen has been awarded a contract for a 196 MW wind farm combined with a 20 MW / 34 MWh battery in Australia. 10 % of the output of the power plant will supply a local agriculture business.
  1. RWE installed a 6 MW Li-ion battery at one of its pumped hydro units in Germany.
  1. Power Solutions, a California-based provider of backup power solutions for businesses, has signed a partner with Advanced Microgrid Solutions. Under this partnership, the two companies will develop new offerings combining back-up and provision of services to the grid and / or to the customer.
  1. Tesla will deploy a 2 MWh battery alongside community solar in Nottingham (UK), as part of a housing scheme.
  1. German utility EWE plans to fill up salt caverns with electrolytes in order to make a large redox-flow battery.