August 4th, 2017
This week’s TOP 5 includes an offshore wind plus storage project by Deepwater Wind and Tesla in Massachusetts, Alphabet X developing a new storage technology, the democratization of residential energy storage in the UK, Powin Energy deploying 2.4 MWh in Hawai’i and Toyota developing solid-state batteries.

Top 5 

  1. US wind developer Deepwater Wind asked Tesla to supply a 40 MWh storage system to be co-located with an offshore wind farm off the Massachusetts coast.
  1. Alphabet X labs are developing a novel energy storage technology based on the storage of thermal energy in salts and antifreeze.
  1. UK residents can now buy LG Chem batteries at Ikea, through a partnership between the Swedish group and Solarcentury.


  1. Powin Energy will deploy 2.4 MWh of storage across seven sites in Hawai’i.


  1. Toyota plans to commercialize solid-state electric vehicle batteries by the early 2020s.