August 11th, 2017
This week’s TOP 5 includes the sell of AESC (the Nissan – NEC joint venture) to a Chinese private equity group, the kick-off of Queensland energy storage auction, Nidec being awarded a contract for the installation of a 5 MW / 5 MWh storage system in Martinique, a 1 MW / 4 MWh project in Arizona and a partnership between an insurance company and Vanadium redox-flow manufacturer VionX.

Top 5 

  1. Nissan and NEC sell their stakes in Li-ion battery manufacturer AESC to GSR Capital, a Chinese private equity group.


  1. “The Queensland Labor government has kicked off its large-scale energy storage auction, calling for early registration of companies wishing to tender for the installation of up to 100MW of energy storage before 2020, alongside 400MW”


  1. Nidec ASI has been awarded a contract for the installation of a 5 MW / 5MWh energy storage system on the French island of Martinique, to be coupled with a 14 MW wind farm.
  1. Arizon Public Service will purchase a 1 MW / 4 MWh system to AES. The project will allow APS to avoid investing in a new distribution line in a hilly region.


  1. Vanadium flow battery manufacturer VionX teamed up with New Energy Risk to create an insurance policy that covers the technical performances of the energy storage systems.