September 15, 2017

This week’s TOP 5 includes a 20 MW / 11.7 MWh project by Electro Power System and Endesa in Spain, plans by Drax to build a 200 MW storage project at one of its coal-fired power plants in the UK, BYD delivering its first high voltage home storage unit in Germany, McPhy being awarded a contract for the delivery of an electrolyzer in Austria and Stornetic delivering flywheels to EDF for a demonstration project in France.

  1. Electro Power Systems (EPS) has secured an EPC contract from Endesa to build a 20MW/11.7MWh lithium-ion battery storage project in Almeria, Spain.
  2. “UK energy company Drax is to consider adding a 200MW battery storage project to its coal-fired power station in North Yorkshire in an effort to add value through greater flexibility and extend its operational lifetime.”
  3. BYD announced the first installation of its high voltage home storage unit in Germany.
  4. McPhy has been awarded a contract for the supply of an electrolyzer by RAG. The unit will be installed in Austria and will be used to produce methane.
  5. EDF installed Stornetic’s flywheels at its Concept grid in the Paris region.