September 1st, 2017

This week’s top 5 includes the opening of South Australia large tender, Duke Energy announcing 50 MW of storage in Florida, ABB awarded Dong’s 2MW battery contract, a Californian integrator startup securing finances and a building going offgrid in Australia.


  1. South Australia opens the second round of grants for energy storage and stability, representing $150 million.
  2. Duke energy announces plan to develop 50MW of energy storage in Florida.
  3. ABB was awarded the contract for Dong’s 2MW battery coupled with its 90MW Burbo bank offshore windfarm.
  4. Romeo Power, a Californian startup integrating cells in packs secures 30 $million in seed financing
  5. Fluid Solar headquarters near Adelaid has cut its connection to the grid and relies on a 2MWh hybrid storage system.