September 22, 2017
This week’s TOP 5 includes the completion of a 3 MW project by Centrica in the UK, the signature of a PPA for a wind, PV, and storage power plant by Windlab in Queensland, Leclanché piloting a network of 60 EV fast charging stations, an Australian study identifying 22,000 suitable sites for pumped hydro storage, and a grant by the USTDA to finance a project in South Africa that will include a Zinc-Bromine battery from Primus Power.

Foreword: The early bird period of our report on the Caribbean market for energy storage has been extended to September 28

  1. “Centrica has completed the installation of a 3MW battery in the North-East of England for local authority Gateshead Council.”
  2. “Australia-based renewables firm Windlab has secured a 10-year power purchase agreement with Queensland government-owned utility CS Energy to offtake power from a plant composed of 43.5 MW of wind, 15 MW of PV, and a 2 MW / 4 MWh battery.
  3. Leclanché will pilot the use of stationary energy storage to support a network of 60 fast charging stations for electric vehicles in the Netherlands.
  4. A study financed by the ARENA identified 22,000 suitable sites for pumped hydro storage across Australia.
  5. Solar Africa Energy, a South Africa based developer, has been awarded a grant by the USTDA to develop a demonstration project with Primus Power’s ZnBr battery.