This week’s TOP 5 includes a 10 MW subsidy-free PV plus storage project by Anesco in the UK, a partnership between ABB and Northvolt, a program in Australia to allow residential batteries to participate to the energy markets, a 1 MW battery system installed in Belgium by Alfen and Engie and plans to develop a large PV plus pumped-hydro storage system in Hawaii.


  1. Anesco claims it has laid the first subsidy free PV plus storage power plant in the UK. The 10 MW system is co-located with a 6 MW battery storage system. Both the solar panels and the batteries have been supplied by BYD.
  2. ABB has signed a MoU with Northvolt to collaborate to the development of Northvolt battery “Gigafactory”.
  3. Australian homes and businesses will soon be able to use renewable energy stored in their batteries to bid into a local energy market and provide a range of grid services using a new software platform backed by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).
  4. Alfen installed a 1 MW Li-ion battery at one of Engie’s gas power plants in Belgium. Engie plans to install 6 MW of Li-ion batteries from different suppliers on this site.
  5. The Kauai utility will invest 350 k$ in a feasibility study for a PV + pumped hydro project. This project could provide up to 15 % of the island electricity needs.