This week’s TOP 5 includes the completion of E.on’s 10 MW “EFR” project in the UK, a 37 MW wind plus storage project in Ireland, Elon Musk saying he can rebuild the Porto Rican power system with PV and batteries, the launch of Renault Energy Services by Renault and a novel battery technology developed by the MIT.


  1. E.on completed the installation of its 10 MW EFR project in Sheffield. The battery system is co-located with a biomass power plant.
  1. “Microsoft is going to be the off-taker of power from a 37MW wind power project in Ireland, trialling the use of integrated battery energy storage to trade the energy generated.” The solution proposed by GE integrates the batteries INTO the wind turbines.
  1. Elon Musk says he can rebuild Porto Rico power system using solar panels and batteries only.
  1. Renault launched Renault Energy Services, a new structure that will develop activities around smart grids. The new structure will focus on smart charging, vehicle to grid and second life batteries.
  1. The MIT has developed a “redox-flow / air“ battery. The battery uses sulfur, water and salt and its developers say it can reach a cost of 20 to 30 USD per kWh.