This week’s TOP 5 includes a 40.8 MWh project developed by Powin Energy and financed by Brookfield in Ontario,  a 4 MW project by Kiwi power in the UK using Tesla batteries, a plan by Sonnen to equip thousands of new houses with batteries in Arizona, the completion of a 3 MWh flow battery system by VionX in Massachusets and a 1 MWh project awarded to MPower in Australia.


  1. “Powin Energy has secured non-recourse debt financing from Brookfield Renewable for an 8.8 MW/40.8 MWh storage system it plans to install in the Canadian province of Ontario.”
  2. Kiwi power will install a 4MW Tesla battery to provide FFR under a contract it secured last august.
  3. Sonnen will equip 2,900 homes in Arizona – to be built by Mandalay Homes – with its storage system.
  4. VionX and National Grid completed the installation of a 3 MWh battery in Massachusetts.
  5. Australian energy provider MPower has been selected to deliver a 1 MWh battery energy storage system in New South Wales that could save the local grid operator AUD 1 million (USD 0.78 million) a year in network upgrades.