This week’s TOP 5 includes plans by Portland General Electric to install 39 MW of energy storage, a grant by the Green Climate Fund to install a 6 MW PV + storage system on the Cook islands, Duke Energy planning to build a 5 MW battery system together with 17 MW of PV in Indiana, Max Bögl Wind building a wind turbine embedding a pumped-hydro system in Germany and Nidec ASI signing a MoU with French developer Corsica Sole to build four PV + storage systems.


  1. Portland General Electric Company announced it will soon propose spending between $50 million and $100 million on 39 megawatts of energy storage.
  2. “The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is providing a US$12 million grant as additional financing for 6MW of grid-connected solar PV combined with 3MW/12MWh of battery energy storage projects on the Cook Islands.”
  3. “Duke Energy is planning to develop and install a 5 MW battery storage system together with 17 MW of PV that will serve as part of a microgrid system at the Indiana National Guard’s Camp Atterbury in Johnson County, Indiana.
  4. Max Bögl Wind is building a wind farm that includes the world’s highest onshore wind turbines (246.5 m). This height is achieved by building the turbines on top of a water reservoir which serves as pumped hydro storage. The wind farm will feature 70 MWh of storage capacity thanks to this design.
  5. Nidec ASI has signed a MoU with Corsica Sole for the EPC work of four PV plus storage projects in Corsica (awarded in the 2015 CRE RFP). Nidec also says that it will surpass 500 MWh of installed battery storage capacity this year.