This week’s TOP 5 includes a 4 MW / 16 MWh project in Colorado, a partnership between Schneider electric and Sodium-Sulfur battery manufacturer NGK, Centrica planning to build a 100 MW storage system in Ireland by 2022, Moixa now able to aggregate third party storage systems and the completion of a 1 MWh vanadium flow battery by RedT in the UK.


  1. United Power and SoCore Energy announcedplans to construct a 4 MW / 16 MWh storage system in Firestone, Colorado. The battery will be used as a peaking plant.
  2. Schneider Electric and NGK have signed a MoU, under which the two companies will explore the market possibility for a solution coupling Schneider’s inverters with NGK batteries.
  3. “Centrica has revealedplans to build a single 100MW battery energy storage system in Ireland for delivery by 2022 to take advantage of capacity market and grid services opportunities currently under development.”
  4. Moixa will expandits aggregation platform to third party battery systems.
  5. “Energy storage firm RedT has connecteda 1MWh flow machine to the grid as part of its project with Centrica in North Cornwall.”