This week’s TOP 5 includes a plan by RES to develop two large PV + storage projects in Australia, AES deploying six systems of 1 MW each in Porto Rico, the selection of Younicos by Statoil for the delivery of a 1 MW battery system in Scotland, a financing agreement between Susi Partners and NRStor and a AUD 8 million grant for 4 R&D storage projects in South Australia.


  1. RES is developing two solar plus storage projects in New South Wales (Australia). The two farms would represent 285 MW of solar coupled with 120 MW / 60 MWh of storage.
  2. AES is working with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) to site and deploy six 1 MW systems to help the grid recover from Hurricane Maria.
  3. Statoil awarded a contract to Younicos for the delivery of a 1 MW / 1.3 MWh system for the “Batwind” project in Scotland.
  4. Susi Partners has agreed to provide up to CAD 120 million in financing to C&I storage projects developed by NRStor.
  5. South Australia has granted AUD 8 million to four R&D storage projects. Those projects explore technologies as diverse as Li-ion, hydrogen fuel cells, thermal storage and flow batteries.