This week’s TOP 5 includes PG&E selecting 6 projects totalling 165 MW in California, Hyundai building a 150 MW battery system in Korea, the installation of a 8.5 MWh battery by Convergent in Ontario,  an energy storage procurement target to be defined in New York and a partnership between CMI and Sumitomo for a flow battery project in Belgium.

  1. Pacific Gas & Electric has awarded contracts to 6 energy storage projects totaling 165 MW.
  1. Hyundai Electric & Energy Systems Co. is building a 150-megawatt lithium-ion unit in Korea, that the company says will go live in about three months in Ulsan near the southeast coast.
  1. Convergent E&P installed a 8.5 MWh storage system at an industrial site in Ontario. Convergent worked with Lockheed Martin and SNC Lavalin on this project.
  1. “New York Governor Cuomo has signed into law a bill (AB 6571) directing the state’s Public Service Commission to develop an Energy Storage Deployment Program, including a storage procurement target for 2030.”
  1. CMI partnered with Sumitomo for the deployment of a 500 kW / 1.75 MWh vanadium flow battery at its HQ.