This week’s TOP 5 includes the selection of 26 energy storage projects representing 85 MWh in Massachusetts, Powin selling 4 storage projects to esVolta, Stem and Sunverge entering the Japanese market, iron-flow battery maker ESS raising 13 M$ and Younicos completing the retrofit of a 36 MW storage project with Li-ion batteries in Texas.

  1. The Massachusetts governor awarded $20 million in grants to 26 energy storage projects representing over 85 MWh of storage capacity. Most projects will be installed at C&I facilities.
  2. Powin has sold 4 storage projects totaling 110 MWh to esVolta (some already operational, others only contracted). Powin will become esVolta’s exclusive provider of storage solutions.
  3. California-based Stem and Sunverge are entering the Japanese market.
  4. Iron flow battery manufacturer ESS raised $13 million in a Series B round. New investors include BASF, Cycle Capital Management, Presidio Partners Investment Management and InfraPartners Management.
  5. “Younicos has completed the installation and commissioning of an upgraded 36-megawatt (MW) battery-based energy storage system at the site of Duke Energy’s 153 MW Notrees Windpower Project in West Texas.”